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For Children born between 2017 and 2018

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The Galacticos Dolphins program is designed for players born in 2017 and 2018. It is a way of learning all the basic skills of soccer through fun activities. No tryouts are required for the Dolphins program. 


Our primary objective is for every kid to have fun and make friends while they are learning some soccer skills.


At Galacticos FC, we utilize the dynamic AspenJaddz Pathway as a methodology to help run our sessions smoothly and give our players the best chance of developing their skills at an appropriate level.


Activity Type: Warm up, Fun drills, Fun Activities, Small-sided games.


Our Coaching Themes: Dribbling, Ball control, Passing, Shooting, Turning, Pull back, Ball mastering, Decision making, Spacing, Accelerating with the ball, Defending, Avoiding defenders, Defending.

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Sign up for the fall season now

Sign up for the fall season now

•Practice starts on the 5th of september

      Time :  4pm – 5pm every Tuesday

•Game : Saturdays (Time TBD)


LOCATION : Foster Fields, Senn (Nicholas) High School Turf Field, Hayt                     Elementary School.

No events at the moment

Make Payment for Full Year of GALACTICOS ACADEMY

Pay Total or in three installments.  Please contact us for multi-child discounts.

Pleae select Galacticos Program

Thank you for joining GALACTICOS

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