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GFC Overview

Together We Prosper

Galacticos FC is an initiative that was started by Enitan Jadesola with the assistance of his friends and soccer lovers who were playing friendly matches together. As a coach, Enitan noticed the behavior of increased commitment to showing up to the game as a team. With this passion and commitment, he decided to convert into a professional team, where they could not only have fun, but build their careers and extend opportunities to others who had a passion for soccer and if given the opportunity, have the option to pursue on a professional level.


The club was originally established in April 2020 and was officially incorporated in October 2021 for the preparation of its first appearance in State and National Premier league division. The continued growth in playing numbers and eagerness of our team to become one of the top football clubs has increased our ability to participate in a more recognized league.

Our Mission & Vision


Galacticos FC is a soccer organization committed to a belief in the indivisibility of humanity, the value of diversity, and the need for unity. Our mission is to promote unity, cultural togetherness, and personal development through the power of soccer. Soccer is a global sport loved and played by all, it represents unity. We are on a mission to educate and inspire people to unite by using soccer as the platform.


The Board of Galacticos FC envisions a financially sustainable, competitive club, playing at the highest possible level in local, state, national, and international football.

Mission & Vision

Our Values

Implement the Triple D’s - Discipline, Determination and Dedication

Establish professionalism and mental readiness out of our soccer players

Be inclusive and share the enjoyment of the game

Provide strong leadership and communication

Act with fairness, honesty, integrity, and transparency

Strive to assist our players and staff in becoming better individuals on and off the soccer field

Our Service


  • We plan to teach our players the skills they need to play in competitive soccer.

Workforce Development

  • Scouting: We plan to market our players to professional clubs and colleges, by building their profiles and utilizing different strategies to get our players seen.

Career Development

  • There are different career options within the soccer industry besides being a soccer player. We will provide an educational program and career plan so that our players can have a variety of opportunities (education, health, marketing, etc).

  • Mentorship: We believe that when participating in a supportive environment humans tend to succeed more.

Community Initiatives

  • Our players/team will be encouraged to volunteer with local youth programs (such as soccer programs that focus on youth).

Leadership Team
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